Maison Heidi is an artistic, design-led brand. We have remained true to our origins over the past twenty years by creating largely handmade, studio products with an inventive, colourful, fun-loving edge. Longevity and classic appeal is our aim and throw away fashion is not our style. These days we launch new collections every so often but not to a strict seasonal regime.

Our Silhouette Collection, first invented by Heidi in 2003 and redesigned in 2011, is now our signature collection, selling to a worldwide clientele. The Silhouette collection is available all year round. 




Maison Heidi & Heidi Sturgess are an artisanal, boutique design brands, founded and set up in London by English artist and designer Heidi Sturgess in 2001.  Find out more about Heidi at www.heidisturgess.co.uk